The Black Hills is home to the iconic Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a huge sculpture of the four Presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, carved into the mountainside. The Mount Rushmore Society and the National Park Service interpretive staff now offer self-guided tours where you are provided with a personal device that works like an iPhone. It will explain why and how Mount Rushmore was carved, with pictures and videos. With the tour translated into Spanish, German, French and Lakota, and 29 fascinating stops along the way, this will be a great experience for all. This tour is ideal for families as there is a new adventure called ‘Junior Ranger Quest’ where children can take part in 16 challenges at different tour stops. After completing 12 challenges, they receive a Junior Ranger badge from a ranger desk! There is also an on-site Presidential Trail, gift shop, dining hall and two museums. Read more about Mount Rushmore self-guided tours.